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KH200B Paperless Recorder  



Product details:

  KH200B blue LCD paperless recorder (72*72mm,its maximum input channel is 4;160*80MM,its maximum input channel is 16), the LCD display is blue.It has Omnipotent input function, all channels can input signals as thermocouple, resistance bulb,current,voltage etc. It also supply functions as alarm , feed ,print,communication.The recorder has strong display function, such as high-precision bar chart,real curve,history curve and alarming state display ,and it also can look up the data of year ,month,day ,hour even the second at the same time.Using RS232/485 communication,configuration with MCGS and some software. The data can be directly derived through U disk. Analysis software can export the excel data format or curve format, and they can be print directly

1. Main technical specification


power voltage:85-240VAC
display:128×64 dot LCD

Input types:

RTD:PT100、CU50、CU100 resistance
linear voltage:0-5V、1-5V
linear current:0-10mA、4-20mAcurrent
other input:R、WRe526、Mv、others

Output types:

SSR output
8 channels relay output (Max)
print/communication port
DC 5V /12v/24v feed

Record time:

4 times record :72hours (record interval is 1s)

Cut off protection time:

When the electric is cut off for it adopts FLASH MEMORY.It can run accurately when cut off if the hard clock is equipped.

Environment temperature:


Environment humidity:


Example:A meter type:KH204B-F-2-U;
main machine type:KH204B,blue LCD paperless recorder;
dimension:F(72×72mm);two delay alarming output;USB function;220VAC power

New function:
USB interface:
Backup history data and alarm information to U disk, print out the data.
Backup history data to U disk and computer, then view and analyze the history data by ‘Kehao paperless recorder U disk collection system’.

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