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ABB SPA Convertion  

  It mainly applies to the ABB equipment, SPA BUS communication port will be converted to the standard RS485 communication bus.
1.Functions and features
1. Support RS485 half-duplex mode.
2. You can guarantee the long-distance transmission, though there is no need external power supply.
3. Zero delay automatic conversion the RS485 signal to send and receive direction.
4. No need to amend the original software you can also extend the SPA BUS communication distance to 1000 meters.
5. Support multi-machine communication, it can connect up to 128 nodes.
2.performance parameters
1. Power: no need external power supply
2. Communication: half-duplex
3. Transmission Line: Twisted Pair
4. Communication distance: 1000 meters
5. Communication rate: 110bps-115200bps
6. Connected nodes: 128
7. Dimensions: DB9/DB9 adapter box 53×33×17mm; conversion wiring jiont 73×33×17mm

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